Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby Shower and Chevrons

Chevrons are so popular right now, they look great on cakes too!  I couldn't find the link to Pinterest where the customer found this cake, so I apologize, but I was able to get a picture of it on here for your viewing pleasure.  Mine turned out beautifully and best of all it was chocolate with chocolate ganache filling, yuuuummmm!  It wasn't exactly the same in every way, but close.  Everyything was marshmallow fondant, including the silver bands around the bottoms.  The client supplied the cake topper.

Tie Dye Cake

This was a tie dye cake for a lady's 60th birthday.  It was so fun and colorful, I couldn't help but dance and sing while I baked this one.  Buttercream icing and filling.  White cake was used to create all the colors for the batter, and I used a brush to spread the piped butter cream concentric circles.  The customer asked that I make the cake based on one she found on Bird On A Cake blog.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Shabby Chic Rosette Cake

Shabby chic butter cream rosettes atop a yellow cake.  So simple but fun and feminine.  This cake was the first one two sell, before the ombre cakes.  Would be great for a wedding, bridal shower, or just because!

Messy Ruffle Flower Cake

This cake was my first attempt at a ruffle.  Eh, need more practice, but I liked the upside down ruffle effect.  Yellow cake, butter cream frosting, teal top.

Fun Teal Ombre Cakes

Loved the way these cakes turned out.   They make for a beautiful presentation, they were the first ones to sell at a boutique I had a booth in.  Hot day too, but they held up beautifully.  Yellow cake, butter cream frosting.  Sorry about the late night photo.

Naked Cakes

Hate frosting?  Here is an option for ya...They still are filled and topped with buttercream though.  These are a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.  I would like to try these with an italian butter cream one day, so delicious!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hubby's Birthday...PIE

Yes, I bake cakes, but around here, we don't eat them much.  We prefer other things sometimes...especially my hubby.  He likes pie.  It's okay, my feelings aren't hurt.  Maybe one day I will venture to make him an ice cream cake, something else he likes.

"Hyacinth" Cake

What a wonderful way for a young woman to celebrate her 15th birthday.  Brought it to church to give to her for her special day.  6" and 4" tiered cakes with purple butter cream ombre petals.  I only did 3 shades this time.  I call it a Hyacinth cake because it reminded me of the Hyacinths that pop up in my backyard, kind of like the picture below.

Hydrangea Cake

This was a small quick little gift cake for a friend a while back.  Wouldn't you love to get this on a random day?  Butter cream hydrangea flowers atop a 4" cake.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Angry Birds Cake

I used the Frozen Buttercream Transfer technique with this cake.  Also used two toned icing around the sides.  It says, Happy Bird'ay Jake...get it?