Friday, January 23, 2009

What’s a Medicine Cabinet For?

So I was thinking today, what is a medicine cabinet's use? I don't have medicine in my "medicine cabinet." I store my make-up remover, deodorant, facial lotion, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, Chapstick, and other items (including my hubbie's stuff). Is that what other people put in their cabinets? I don't snoop in other people's medicine cabinets, so I couldn't tell you what others do with it. I grew up with my medicines in a kitchen cabinet. So, naturally, I continue to do it the same way. I have so many different cold medicines, allergy pills, and vitamins that they wouldn't fit in the cabinet anyway. It works for me, so I guess that's what matters.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Is it normal for me to have a sock collection? I enjoy organizing my sock drawer, is that strange? I had a pair of socks with little pictures of sushi on them (up until Jake the Dog decided to eat them, I think he was confusing them for real sushi), is that okay? Lets not get started on the socks with toes phase I went through. I tend to keep socks long after their pair has gone missing, pining away for the day that the dryer may decide to return my favorite sock from its dark depths...

I know where I got each pair: who gave them to me, when I purchased or received them, and where I purchased them from. I can probably still lead you to the sock store in San Francisco at Ghirardelli Square where I spent half an hour picking out 3 pairs of socks for $15.

I have so many socks, for different occasions, I feel like what's-her-name teacher from the Magic School Bus (Ms. Frizzle?). Anyway, I think I need an intervention, because my time is precious, and I think I would rather spend it with my son, and not pairing socks together and organizing them in a drawer.

I think that I will make a resolution to throw away socks that are missing their pair (how sad that sounds) and not buy anymore socks without asking myself, "Do I need these socks, or am I just giving in to my obsession?" If I do purchase them, I need to get rid of another pair. There, I admitted to my sock addiction.

P.S. To my horror, it has been almost a year since my sushi sock was eaten by Jake, I still had it's matching pair in my drawer when I pulled out socks for the photo...will I find the willpower to throw it out?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, its mindless blogging at its best...

I have decided that I need to supplement my busy life with another blog. I have so many things rattling around in my head and no where to write them down. I walk around doing everyday mundane things as thoughts that put a smile on my face surface in my mind. Sometimes its just things that can only happen to me (it seems) need to be shared apart from my family blog. maybe you will relate and I won't be so odd by myself, with no end in sight...