Friday, February 27, 2009

Shallow Kitchen Sink

I CAN"T wait until I move out of this place and into a house of my own! I will make sure the kitchen sink is not shallow. My pots do not fit inside the sink . Arrgh! If I am filling a pot with water and forget about it as I am cooking, it will often spill out and on to the counter. Mess! I can't have the water on full blast either because it splashes out. Flthup!

Well, I can at least say I have developed the good habit of wearing an apron.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shopping Bags

I have so many plastic shopping bags. I recycle them. I also bought the reusable kind, but I often forget them in the car or at home, making it so I have more plastic bags. My mom put bags over my dad's feet so he could walk out into the rain and not get mud on his shoes when he went into the backyard. (Yes, he has rain boots, but this was faster). Ingenious, I say. What do you do with them?

25 Things

Okay, so I have been tagged many times, I can't avoid it any longer. But really, who will read all of these? So I will keep it short, ask questions if you want me to expand.

1. I am afraid of aliens.
2. I have Sleep Paralysis (partially the reason for #1).
3. I am getting my hair laser removed.
4. I do not give in to my obsessions.
5. I wish I was Wonder Women.
6. I appreciate classic cars.
7. I own a Civic Hybrid.
8. I bite my nails (arrgh).
9. I have very vivid dreams (therefore, #1).
10. I am an amateur artist.
11. I love recycling.
12. I sat on a drunk driving cholo to keep him from running away.
13. I threw discus in High School.
14. I bake my own bread now.
15. I am scared of the dark.
16. I chased a peeping tom with a bottle of Tapatio as a weapon.
17. I can do an oil change.
18. I rescue lost dogs.
19. I am an aggressive person. No fear.
20. I watch concerts on TV, but have only been to 2 real ones.
21. I am an arachnophobe. Seriously.
22. I am an Anthropology major.
23. I think I am invincible sometimes.
24. I am a tomboy, as much as I try not to be.
25. I sometimes do not think before I act.

I tag: Heather