Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Cake, Jake and the Neverland Pirates

I apologize for the bad photo, best I could do with my phone cam.  Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake.  Top was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, bottom was white cake with Swiss Meringue Butter Cream filling.  Has fun with this fondant covered cake with fondant decorations.The figurines were provided by the client.  The only things that weren't edible were the stick used for the flag, and the palm tree fronds made out of wired paper.delicious and fun!  The client provided a photo of a cake she wanted done, and I looked into it a little more and saw that the photo cake was inspired by Sandra's Cakes blog.  So I put my own spin on it a little bit and made it the way I thought would look cool.  The top tier I imagined was a map, so I gave it an old map look.  My waves were big, and I tried a new technique with the letter color.