Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Monster Cake

This was a last minute request...really last minute.  I was asked Sunday afternoon and needed to deliver by Monday at 4pm.  The cake was for a little boy's first year birthday.  It was his little smash cake.  My friend who gives me the most business ever asked if I had a cake I could make her on hand, luckily I did, and I owed her a favor.  It all worked out!  I used the fondant and icings I had on hand from my sister's cake and took everything out of the fridge to decorate.  It was the easiest ever because I had everything done and just had to decorate it all.  The top is Mike Wazowski form Monsters Inc.  I used the Frozen Butter Cream Transfer method to achieve that result.  I used Marshmallow Fondant to make the doors  around  the cake and modeling chocolate to make the number.  This cake was super fun and worked out great. The inside was a devil's food with chocolate ganache.  I must say that this cake was one of the few I got to make with out scouring the internet for ideas.  It popped into my head and I just went with it.  I am certainly pleased with how it turned out and appreciate that I was able to practice techniques that I have learned.  Thanks dear friend for the opportunity!